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Board of Directors

Don F. Cameron, Ph.D. - Director, Co-Founder
Dr. Cameron is world renowned for his fundamental research in Sertoli cells and will be responsible for maintaining Saneron's competitive edge. He co- invented the use of Sertoli cells as a cellular therapy. His current NASA grant involves growing Sertoli cells and neurons together in microgravity, thus utilizing tissue engineering to create novel spheres of mixed cells ready for co-implantation. Dr. Cameron's industrial experience has included being CSO and Co-founder of Saneron Therapeutics, Inc., and founding scientist and scientific consultant for Theracell, Inc. He has also served as a consultant for Takada Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. In addition, Dr. Cameron is a Professor of Anatomy and has a joint appointment as a Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of South Florida. He is on the editorial board for the Journal of Andrology and Frontiers in Bioscience. He has served as chairman for the General Andrology meetings and Executive Council for the American Society of Andrology. Dr. Cameron has been awarded over 33 grants from institutions including National Institutes of Health, NASA, Bristol Drug Co., and the American Cancer Society. He has 12 U.S./Foreign patents, and over 70 publications.

Jim Holland � Director
Jim Holland is a two-time Olympian and six-time national champion Nordic ski -jumper. Holland was a member of the US Ski Team for nine years, and he continues to be an avid athlete in all aspects. After graduating from the University of Vermont, Jim migrated to Utah and founded the web development company Wasatch Web Works. The company would serve as his introduction to online business and it would eventually lead him to team up with the co-founder of backcountry .com, John Bresee. Jim's focus on cost-effective retailing led to exceptional year-over-year growth for Backcountry and his passion for specialty outdoor gear has helped Backcountry stand apart from its competition. From rallying company Ultimate Frisbee games at lunch, to long adventurous back country ski tours, Jim approaches everything outdoors with the same passion and focus that has made the success it is today.

Zubair Kazi - Director
Mr. Kazi is a highly successful entrepreneur possessing substantial knowledge and resources and is the owner of Kazi Food Corporation and KMVI, Inc. Kazi Foods Corporation is the second largest private operator of KFC Restaurants in the United States with over 180 restaurants. KMVI is a management consulting company based in St Thomas, USVI. His investment and business experience span a wide variety of industries operating nationally and internationally.

Bernard R. Skerkowski, C.G.A. � Director, Corporate Treasurer
Mr. Skerkowski has over 22 years of accounting experience in both the private and public settings ranging from the Banking industry to Government Auditing and from Public Practice to Small Business Administration. He has been a Certified General Accountant since 1983 and operated his own private practice for the past 12 years. He has practiced in both the US and Canada and is a Certified Tax Advisor with the IRS.

Executive Management

Kevin Klein - Senior Vice President, Corporate Initiatives
Kevin Klein spent over 15 years as a Senior Executive for three of Canada's most recognized companies. Most recently Mr. Klein served as CEO with Sun Media, the largest print and digital media organization in Canada. He is also currently an Associate Member of the University of Manitoba's Asper School of Business recognized as a leading North American Post Secondary MBA Institution. Mr. Klein was recognized as a finalist for Canada's Top Forty Professionals Under Forty, earned several awards and recognition for his professional accomplishments. His strong communication and analytical skills have allowed him to serve as a keynote speaker to several Canadian and Provincial Government Agencies, and National Corporations on topics of Media, Effective Public Relations, Corporate Branding, and Business Development. He is the author of several published articles on strategic business planning, Branding is not Marketing, the Impact of Domestic Violence and has served as an adviser to several professional and sports organizations, and political boards.

Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols, M.B.A. � COO
Ms. Kuzmin-Nichols has previous experience in biotechnology start-up management at ChanTest, Inc., serving as Director, Business Development & Operations and Corporate Treasurer. Under her direction, ChanTest, Inc. was able to i) increase sales over 600%, ii) expand staff 250%, and iii) graduate from the Lewis Incubator for Technology to a newly designed 7000 sq. ft. facility. Ms. Kuzmin-Nichols has nine years of research experience in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology from Case Western Reserve University. She has served as a consultant for Cryobanks International, Inc., an NMDP-approved international cord blood bank, in memoriam int'l, and Johnnie B. Byrd, Sr., Alzheimer's Center and Research Institute. She also serves as a consultant for Natura Therapeutics, Inc. Additionally, Ms. Kuzmin-Nichols is also a registered patent agent and has one U.S. patent application pending.

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